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SGM offers a diverse range of natural stones and quartz with numerous varieties to choose from. We have been in business since 2012 and have strived to provide quality products.

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"Bring the beauty of nature into your home and outdoor living spaces with our S™ Quartz Revelation series. These slabs are designed to mimic the look and feel of natural stone, with a blend of natural hues and textures that create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The durable and low-maintenance surface makes it easy to enjoy your outdoor living spaces without the hassle of upkeep, and the natural beauty of these quartz will enhance any indoor space as well.

It's no wonder that the S™ Quartz Revelation series is our best-selling collection - customers love the natural experience it brings to their homes and outdoor living spaces.

Add a touch of nature to your space with the beauty and durability of our S Quartz Revelation today!"


"Granite is the first choice for American homeowners when it comes to kitchen countertops, walls, and flooring. This natural stone has been formed by the earth over millions of years and its unique beauty is unmatched.

The intricate patterns and vibrant colors of granite bring a touch of nature into your home, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Whether you choose to use granite for indoor or outdoor applications, it adds a touch of elegance to any space. The durability of granite ensures that it will last a lifetime, and with proper care, its beauty will never fade."








Marble is a timeless material that has been revered for centuries for its unique beauty and durability. In interior design, it adds a touch of sophistication and elegance that can transform any space. Kitchen countertops made from marble provide a stunning and functional surface that is both heat and stain-resistant.

Whether you are designing a contemporary kitchen, a traditional living room, or a luxurious bathroom, marble is a versatile material that can bring change to your interior space and elevate it to new levels of beauty and sophistication.


"Class Up Your Space with the Elegant Charm of Quartzite"

Unlike other materials like quartz or marble, quartzite is a metamorphic rock formed from sandstone and has a harder and more resistant surface, making it ideal for kitchen countertops. The unique and varied patterns found in quartzite bring elegance with a touch of nature to any kitchen.

With proper care, a quartzite countertop can maintain its stunning appearance for years to come, making it a valuable investment in the beauty and functionality of your kitchen. Whether you prefer a bold, solid color or a softer, more subtle look, quartzite offers a wide range of options to suit any

style and aesthetic.

Upgrade your kitchen with the timeless elegance of quartzite and enjoy a touch of luxury in your daily life.

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